Happy Clients, Happy Days!

Our mission is to ensure every film we create is unique, so we work together with our clients to make the perfect concept & script that speaks to the heart of the message, which is then executed in a cinematic standard production and delivery within budget and timelines.

We specialise in every element of video production with full transparency in the process and deliver a clear and memorable films that inspire people to get involved with your business.

Why do we make Videos?

Because we love our job - Our client journey has taken us all over the world, from the West Coast of Europe all the way to South Africa, Offshore in the Middle East to the South Pacific where we now call home. Each step of the way this international experience has educated & inspired us to help our clients today to go beyond their expectations.

How do we make great videos?

Our client list is long, and our experience in creating great video content for them is diverse. But there is one thing they all have in common, all the videos we have created are essentially great stories that inspire their audiences, to create change, change for good, change in the way we life, work & play.

We see our clients more like a partnership, we help them connect to their better, by curating great concepts & scripts, which are translated into inspiring visual treatments which are then produced, filmed and edited to a cinematic standard.

We like to think with our clients in the creative fase, well before we hit the lights and pull the trigger on the camera, this ensures a stronger message, that is better produced, meaning their video production is overall more efficient in time and cost on the shooting day and in the delivery.

What type of clients do we work with?

Along the way we have had great opportunities to showcase our skills, and work with great business.

BRAND EXPERIENCE VIDEO : Every brand is unique a should have a voice, we love to create unique stories & ideas on video that help give brands strength to stand out to their customers to ensure brand loyality and retention while keeping things entertaining in the creative department. We've worked with A Brands to Startups and everything inbetween, Branded Video Content is always something we love to produce and shoot.

CORPORATE VIDEO : In the corporate video space we've worked in with IT, Health & Safety, Global Energy Services, Automotive, Banks and Aged Care Providers & Startups. Our aim is to help the corporate sector stay energetic and exciting when it comes to making great videos.

EDUCATIONAL VIDEO : Along side the corporate, we also want to help the next generation working in diverse Education Video Content, helping Universities, TAFE's, RTO's and Schools & Business inspire and inform their audience in unique ways, on both marketing and training / competency departments.

TESTIMONIAL VIDEO : Then there are Video Testimonials, we've put many faces infront of the lens to help companies generate authenticity and transparency. Testimonial Videos speak to the heart of the message buy curating strong customer / experiences, which is these days the best way help people in the decision making process.

DOCUMENTARY / SERIES : Some of our best work which has won many awards has been from our Documentary Films & Series Videos. We approached making our documentaries with the intention to harness all the skills we learnt along the way and use them to inspire change in people and planet. From working with youth in prison in Caribbean Islands to Surfing & Free Diving with sharks off the South African Coastline our feature documentaries have made an impact both to our production crew and everyone who has watched them. These films were endorsed and sponsored by local governments, global brands & foundations and have been recognised on international film festival circut and television globally. We cant wait to make the next one !

Do you have a video project in mind?

If you like to know some more details on our services, prices and creative ideas for your business, then feel free to reach out.