We have experience in creative diverse video content

With over 15 years experience in the game, SeventwentyFilms has the production capability to deliver a diverse range of video content to ensure your message is curated in the right way and to the right audience, on time and in a production efficient.

See below a list of areas which we work and client experience.

Branded Content:

Every story is unique, and so is every brand to every person. Seventwentyfilms has diverse experience in helping clients communicate their brand essence through the art of great storytelling on film. We believe the power of branding plays a unique role in video content today, from guiding our audiences to make the right purchase decision to retaining customer loyality and experience. We enjoy working together long before the shooting day to help them align their message with great results in industries from Automotive to Aged care in Startup mode to A Brands Globally, helping them ensure their brand cuts through noise and targets the right audience.

Corporate Video:

Delivering the right corporate message, to the right people in a clear and transparent way is essential for you business, we specialise in curating and executing video that inspires people to engage and change, weather is a new service offer, new busines pitch or maybe it’s internal communications, education or change management.
Seventwentyfilms has experience in creative unique external and internal corporate films with clients ranging from Banks, IT & Infra to Software and Energy Providers around the world. We can shoot on location or create a specific location that suits your needs and help you stand out from the competition.

Testimonial Video

These days the best way to promote your business, increase product value, create awareness or to influence a purchase decision is to let someone external speak about their experience to camera. Seventwentyfilms has experience creating testimonial vidoes with a diverse group of Influencers, Celebrities, Safety Experts, Medical patients and subject matter experts to help endorse many products or service offerings. Our aim is to create a clear and transparent message that is authentic in it’s story, visual treatement and delivery. Our success in this area has seen companies grow to market leaders in their field and won us many awards from all over the world.

Training & Educational Videos

Competency is crutial to ensure a business operates to it’s full potential, SevenTwentyFilms has global and local experience in this field, helping business inspire change and grow in worker competency in areas such as Automotive, IT, Health & Safety, but also University, Tafe & Trades industries. We believe that progress comes from education and today the majority of people are visual learners with a short attention span, thus educational and training videos are essential to human development.

Documentary Films

Our creative journey has given us the experience and ability to capture the bigger pictures in life, taking on difficult environmental and human issues that effect all of us in many ways every day. SevenTwentyFilms has created full length documentary films that have not only had a direct positive effect to the characters both Infront and behind the lens but also globally, with over 37 international film festival selections & Screenings as well as TV to all 7 continents translated in 4 languages worldwide. We are grateful for these opportunities and will continue to make more of them when the time is right.

Do you have a video project in mind?

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